The Beauty of Self Care Rituals

The Beauty of Self Care Rituals

Balancing work, family, exercise, meal planning, relationship building and life can be both exhilarating and depleting for many of us. In this fast paced life we live in, the importance of self care and self love is at an all time high.


While this may sound like a superficial topic, there's a significant amount of healing energy that comes out of practicing self care rituals. One of the easiest ways we can show ourselves a little nurturing is by practicing the ritual of cleansing off your day... an often dreaded and neglected regimen.  Let's change the mentality of dreading your bedtime face cleanse to a beautiful ritual that you long for each day.

This is less about a routine to beautify your face but rather a ritual to honor, protect and cleanse your body, mind and skin.

Why wait until right before bed when you're exhausted from a long day? Why not take a moment to indulge in solitude for a mere 10 minutes upon arriving home from a long day? Or how about stealing a moment before or after dinner to wash away your day? 

Perhaps you've had a few negative interactions or toxic air exposure throughout your day. Let’s look at washing away toxic thoughts and residue from the mind and skin alike! You can even multi task by washing the tension off of your face while applying a mask.  While your face mask soaks in, perhaps you do a little deep breathing, meditation, singing or even yoga for 5-10 minutes?

If the day was particularly stressful, this ritual can be a way to destress by literally and figuratively washing and massaging your way into a parasympathetic state of relaxation and positive energy.

This mere 10-15 minutes can really shift your being and enable you to face your next chapter of dinner prepping, feeding pets or family members and finishing chores with a more focused and positive mind set. Your family and pets will probably appreciate it as much if not more than YOU… WIN WIN! 

 detox maskdetox mask

Since I began embracing this ritual a few years ago, I no longer dread or put off the “task” of washing my face before bed. Self Care allows you to honor your SELF and when you allow yourself time for a little indulgence, your serotonin level increases and stress hormones decrease which contributes to patience and overall contentment. This overall feeling of contentment can create a ripple effect in the your life and the lives around you. Who would've thought the mere task of washing your face could create so much peace and love!?

Here are few rituals that I truly look forward to each and every day:

  1. I Slip away just before dinner or right after dinner and light Palo Santo or Sage in my bathroom to set intentions and clear any stressful energy blocks.
  2. Massage Facial Cleansing Oil into your face to ease any pent up tension around the jaw or between brows. 
  3. Wash away the day with a steamy hot wash cloth, deeply breathing in the scent of the cleansing oil for that aromatherapy bonus: Sweet Orange and Neroli in the cleansing oil are known to be uplifting. As you inhale this steamy intoxicating scent, practice thoughts of gratitude with each breath.
  4. Mist your face with the Regenerative Hydrosol or Blemish Free Hydrosol and breathe in more gratitude and positive energy. 

ONE to THREE times per week on days you have time to really indulge:

  1. Add a little cleansing oil to a grape sized amount of Face Polish and gently massage into your face. Imagine you are melting away bad vibes and dull dead skin (This enables your nutrients to be absorbed deeper into the skin cells)
  2. Apply Moisture Mask or Detox Mask by massaging in an upward direction. Allow to sit for 10 minutes… this is your time to chillax! When its time to rinse, use a warm wash cloth and hold it to your face, deeply breathing in the scent for a few breaths before you wash away your day. Mist your face with your favorite hydrosol after washing away your day completely.
  3. Apply Regenerative or the Eye/Night Oil generously and prepare for a few minutes of Gua Sha therapy with the Jade stone. This treatment is deeply relaxing, like a mini facial massage that de-puffs and lifts all in a mere 2-3 minutes.  Often, I will apply the Moisture Mask and Gua Sha while it sets for a few minutes. 

If time allows and your skin is in need of extra moisture love, leave it on and take the time to meditate, stretch, make dinner, binge on Netflix, etc. and simply remove before bed…This feels amazing! 

This my friends is what I call a beautiful self care ritual, not another menial dreaded task left until the bitter end of a tedious or stressful day. By treating yourself daily to this momentary practice of self love; you, your skin and your friends, lovers, pets and family will thank you immensely! I challenge you to shift your perspective on washing your face to indulging in self love.