Can I use oils on my oily skin?

This can seem so wrong right!? Well, Some facial oils (roseship, pomegranate seed and cranberry seed oils especially) can be very beneficial to oily and acne prone skin due to the high amounts of linoleic acid which is often lacking in oily/acne prone skin. All of the glō facial oils contain linoleic acid rich ingredients  which happen to be the closest to our skin's natural sebum making it ideal for noncomedogenic skincare. When you apply these hydrating, nutrient dense oils on the skin, the body stops freaking out and over producing sebum (oil). After your skin adjusts, it calms down and behaves beautifully, leaving you with blemish free, happy skin.

My complexion can be really dull. What will help?

This is a valid concern that can easily be fixed! A few things to know with a dull complexion is that it may be as simple as exfoliating the dead layer of skin. Skin cells regenerate every 28-38 days and if the dead skin cells aren't sloughed off, you are left with potentially uneven, dry flaky skin. Try our Face Polish with its naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes to gently remove the dull layer of skin.

Add more vitamin C, organic greens and healthy fats to your diet to keep the skin vibrant and boost collagen from within.

Get ample fresh air and movement to keep the circulation flowing through your entire body. Exercise is a key nutrient for radiant skin!

Use a Gua Sha stone or gently massage your face to keep the lymphatic system from becoming congested leaving you with dull, puffy skin.

What are antioxidants?

Anti oxidants are found naturally in our bodies and in our skin (think vitamins A, C, E & Coq10).  They combat and neutralize free radicals before they can get to the healthy cells preventing damage. Free radicals come from UV rays, rancid oils (think fried foods) and environmental toxins. All of our products have naturally occurring antioxidants that are stable and active to do the hard work for you! 

How can I get rid of blackheads?

I can't emphasize enough the importance of gentle exfoliation and cleansing your skin daily! Never go to sleep with makeup on. Wash your face after workouts and outdoor sweaty activities. Basic skin hygiene is your best friend. Our Detox Mask is made from French Green Clay, Bamboo charcoal, Moringa powder (sourced directly from Nicaragua) and Bentonite clay (sourced directly from Anaconda, Montana). This mask is effective at drawing out impurities including black heads and the starts to blemishes. The Blemish Free Hydrosol is designed to fight bacteria and calm irritation which makes it a post work out wonder and a pre moisturizing booster.

Should I use sunscreen daily?

YES! This may seem obvious, but I don't like conventional sunscreens and most people I see react negatively to said sunscreens. The chemicals in conventional sunscreen counteract the sun blocking effects. I recommend covering up as best as possible with hats and loose clothing. When are not an option, I recommend our Protect Oil for a very effective SPF 20-30. The Regenerative Oil and Acne Prone Oil are both approximately SPF 10+.

Is a Hydrosol the same as a Toner?

They have the same effects. They are both basically a fast penetrating liquid meant to hydrate and activate nutrients from synergistic products like oils. Our hydrosols are rich in vitamins A & C and contain aromatherapy benefits. They can be used to boost hydration mid day, calm irritation or inflammation from sunburn, acne break outs, rashes, lift the mood and even set your makeup! I use them for blast of hydration and love throughout the day.

What is the best way to get rid of dark circles?

This is an inside job. There aren't ANY products out there that eliminate dark circles naturally. Dark circles are typically from kidney stress or food intolerances. Try an elimination diet of removing one food at a time (typically dairy, gluten, egg, soy or corn are the biggest allergen foods) for 2 weeks and watch your skin and listen to your gut. Reintroduce the food heavily for a few days and tune into your symptoms. Look for bloating, gas, skin eruptions or dark circles. See more on this topic in my book Skinside Out.

What do you recommend to help shrink large pores?

Large pores can be prevented to an extent, but come with aging and poor skin hygiene. Remove debris from the skin/pores to keep them free and clear! Don't sleep with makeup, and wash your face after sweating and spending time outdoors. Use the Detox Mask to draw out impurities if you are prone to black heads. Exfoliate gently every other day with our Face Polish. Protect your skin from the sun and harsh elements with Protect Oil.

Which products are best for my sensitive dry and aging skin?

The Regnerative Oil, Regnerative Hydrosol, Face Polish, Moisture Mask, and Eye/Night Oil are all designed for sensitive or normal to dry and mature skin with their high amounts of antioxidants and both soothing hydrating qualities.

Which products are best for acne prone and sensitive skin?

Acne Prone Oil, Blemish Free Hydrosol, Detox Mask, Face Polish and Moisture Mask during dry flaky spells. All of these products are designed with bacteria fighting and calming ingredients. The Moisture Mask comes into play when your skin is feeling parched or irritated as the raw honey is very active in Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA's) enzymes and antibacterial compounds so don't be afraid of using it if you have oily or acne prone skin. Many acne prone skin people experience dry flaky redness due to the irritating, harsh chemicals used to fight acne. Once adjusting to effective and natural, calming products the skin calms down and stops over producing oils and clogged pores clear up. IF your skin does NOT improve with topical products from glō, please consider a skin consult to address which foods or lifestyle habits are prohibiting your body from clear and vibrant skin.

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