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While the big C has thrown a great big curve ball, this doesn't mean we can't be socially responsible in our endeavors and continue to host workshops! The Signature glō workshops will merely look a little different. Creativity is my forté and we all need a little self care during these challenging times. 

Introducing an opportunity to connect with friends while pampering and connecting to yourself through a glō facial. These workshops are lead by Megan (our founder) to educate participants on the importance of clean beauty and quality time with yourself by introducing intentional morning and evening rituals. Each participant sits in front of her/his own mirror and facial set up as Megan walks you through a step by step facial. While your masks set, Megan talks about the benefits of the products, sourcing of ingredients and offers numerous health tips to support your skin, body and mind. 

The ultimate goal of these facial workshops is for you to leave feeling connected to self, dewy, radiant and inspired to schedule time for yourself whether its 5 or 60 minutes/day. Megan's mission is to instill the value of true beauty that lies within each human and that is unconditional self love through self care. Whether you simply crave time with a friend or loved one and want to experience the magic of organic skincare or are in need of reconnecting with your self or like minded people this event is sure to leave you inspired and armed with a few tools, health tips and products that have you prioritizing your day entirely around short and effective self care moments!


April 8: 5:30- 7:00 | Facial Workshop at Indulgence Beauty | Bozeman, MT

April 15: 5:30-7pm |  Facial Workshop at Biome: Slow Craft Collective | Bozeman, MT

June 16: 5-7pm | Facial Workshop at Roots Garden Center | Billings, MT

June 17: 5-7pm | Facial Workshop at Roots Garden Center | Billings, MT

October 15: 5-7 | Facial Workshop at Cricket Boutique |

October 28: 5-7 | Facial Workshop at Salchicha  |