Our Philosophy

glō Luxury Oils is committed to creating and delivering 100% natural and organic products to nourish, protect and regenerate your skin without compromising on health, safety, quality or sustainability.

All ingredients are sourced from farms around the globe that are wild crafted, free of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and are of fair trade value. We are committed to sourcing and formulating solely with high quality ingredients from passionate growers and stewards of the land. This philosophy ensures a highly effective and gorgeous product line backed by science and nature.

We go straight to the source.

Our founder, Megan Ulrichs visits farms and botanical gardens in the U.S., South America, Europe and Morocco with the intent to hand select quality ingredients for all of our products. Megan is passionate about making personal connections with growers and supporting local communities. It is this level of integrity and passion that raises the vibration efficacy and quality of glō Luxury Oils; offering you a true farm to skin product! 

When we say our products are fresh, we mean really fresh.

All of our products are made fresh weekly in Bozeman, Montana and stored in ideal conditions to maintain the integrity of the oils: kept in dark bottles and a cool, dark environment of 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because our products are made fresh weekly, we do not keep a high volume sitting on shelves for very long; therefore we do our best to ship your product within the next business day after you place your order. The shelf life of our products is up to 2 years if stored as mentioned above. Exposing your products to heat or prolonged air will degrade the quality at a faster rate.

Why I started glō Luxury Oils

As a passionate Holistic Nutritionist with a Masters degree from Hawthorn University , I prioritize organic ingredients to fuel the body and support internal and external radiance. This practice is what drives my entire business, from researching formulas to planning retreats and workshops or working directly with clients.

Over the years, while helping many people heal and thrive from the inside out, I was continually asked, "what do you use on your skin?" and "what do I do about skincare?" Naturally my recommendations were to ditch the expensive, chemical laden cosmetics and lotions in favor of a clean, organic skin care approach.

Our skin is the body's largest organ

and with an absorption rate of over 60% whatever we topically apply to it directly effects the integrity and long term health of our skin barrier.Long before helping others, I spent many years searching for a high quality, aromatic (yes smell is critical to me) product that would not only improve my skin, but more importantly be completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Believe me, this was no small feat!

  • My research and education not only taught me how to feed the skin from the inside out by eating well, but also how to nourish and heal the skin effectively with topical ingredients. A pursuit of the perfect combination of ingredients for my own dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin, led me to begin exhaustive but enjoyable hours of research. I began sourcing and experimenting with different formulas that initially failed to yield the desired results. My errors inspired me to dig deeper. After months of continued research and development, with hundreds of unique combinations; I finally arrived with a winner that met the criteria that drove my search. Along the way I learned just how interactive the different oils I was combining could be and that conclusion was validated through my consultation with industry experts around the world.

  • As my own experience continued to confirm that I had actually formulated something that was not commercially available and that worked really well for me; I decided to share a bottle here and there with family and friends to see if they'd experience similar results. The feedback was glowingly (yes pun intended) positive. Comments came back in rapid fire: "This liquid gold is changing my skin!" and "I need one for my friend, my neighbor, my mom" "You need to make this available for others". I had no intentions of starting a business. However, out of demand, glō Luxury Oils was born! 

Where we are today

glō Luxury Oils are now available to those looking for holistic skin care products that don't compromise quality, feel, scent or results. The line today includes topical oils, dry masks and hydrosols for ALL skin types. I trust and hope you too will find a transformative experience with glō Luxury oils and thank you for reading my story.

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