5 Step Winter Skin Facial

5 Step Winter Skin Facial

Is the dry winter weather getting the best of your skin?  Don't worry, we're here to let you in on a little secret.

If you have ever treated yourself to a facial from a spa that carries glō products such as Classic Skin, Bigsky Skincare at Santosha or 406Massagechances are they used this protocol to pamper your skin.  We are excited to share this moisturizing 5 step facial with you, so you can give your skin the royal treatment anytime, anywhere.   

This treatment is customizable to all skin types, and will replace skin impurities and inflammation with antioxidants and regenerating nutrients.  Your bathrobe is calling... it's time pour a glass of wine, light some candles and give your skin a little extra love!

STEP ONE: Cleanse and Detox Face

Cleanse face using 1 tsp of glō cleansing oil. Massage into face and gently wash away makeup and impurities with warm wash cloth.

Mist face with hydrosol:
Regenerative Hydrosol for sensitive, normal, dry or aging skin
Blemish Free Hydrosol for acne prone skin, eczema or if you have a mild irritation

STEP TWO: Face Polish


This step is vital! In sloughing off the dry, dead skin, you are enabling the nutrients from the remaining products to soak into your skin cells, leaving you with that radiant glow.

In a small bowl or palm of your hand, add 1-1.5 tsp of face polish and enough water to enable it to spread over your face. It will look and feel more like a mask than a rough exfoliator. Gently massage the polish into the face for one minute and set the steamer over face for a few minutes to activate the enzymes.NO steamer? No problem! Mist your face with hydrosol of choice. Rinse with warm, wet cloth.

Finely ground organic rose hip seeds and raspberry seed powder are rich in fatty acids and vitamins to nourish the skin while Bromelian and Pomegranate enzymes gently dissolve dead skin layers. 

Generously mist face with desired hydrosol of choice depending on skin type.

STEP THREE: Moisture Mask

In the palm of your hand, add a cherry size of our new moisture mask and warm between fingers until it becomes soft. Gently massage into face and neck (don't forget the skin around eyes and ender brows! Yes its that gentle) Allow to sit for 10 minutes or more. Take this time to indulge in a good book, meditate, sip your tea or wine, soak in a hot tub, steam room etc. I've been known to leave it on for over 2 hours! Gently wash mask off of face with warm, wet cloth.

The revitalizing and balancing qualities in this mask are due to live, enzymatic activity, healing and vitamin rich plant nutrients.


Apply 3-5 drops of face oil:

Mist your favorite hydrosol and set your intentions for a calm and glō-ing new you!

Acne Prevent Oil for acne prone skin
Regenerative Oil for sensitive, dry, mature skin
Protect Oil if you are headed out into the sun


STEP FIVE: Eye/Night Oil

Apply 1-2 drops Eye/Night Oil around eyes - aim for the area above cheek bone, smile lines and brows.

Seal the deal with a mist of hydrosol of your choice, thank the universe for your beautiful, unique-to-you skin and go take on the world! It is my hope that you make this a calming ritual 1-3 times per week. You deserve this self care!