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glō Luxury Oils

Extremely Dry/Mature Skincare Set

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This Skincare Set is crafted with those who are prone to extremely dry and/or mature skin in mind. Use these products in the following order to help cleanse, nourish and moisturize skin for a beautiful, dewey complexion.

This set comes in a handcrafted bag from 2nd Story Studios in Bozeman, MT - fabric prints may vary.

Cleansing Oil

4  o z  B O T T L E

This luxurious makeup remover is made from organic & cold pressed, sustainably harvested oils that naturally and effectively remove impurities from your skin. High quality oil cleansers lift makeup and dirt from the skin without stripping it of its natural sebum (oil). Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil is a rich source of Omega fatty acids to nourish the skin along with minerals like Zinc and Selenium which enable the skin to regenerate healthy new cells.

Face Polish

4  o z  J A R 

Begin your routine with our nourishing organic Face Polish to gently dissolve and remove surface layers of dead skin to reveal fresh radiance. Not your typical exfoliator, the Gentle Face Polish releases impurities and dead skin so that the vitamin rich and rejuvenating molecules in your glō products can be absorbed directly into your skin.

Deep Repair Roller

R O L L E R  B O T T L E

The combination of wound healing and reparative ingredients in this formula is multi faceted and powerfully effective. The Deep Repair Roller is designed to truly heal skin that has been overly exposed to the elements, suffers from eczema, acne or scarring and deep lines.

Face Balm

2  o z  J A R

Even the thirstiest skin will feel satiated with this glo protective and calming face balm. This soothing, protective balm is designed for all skin types to layer over your favorite glo face oil or to be used as a healing overnight mask. The healing effects of raw shea butter, soothing and regenerative essential oils and blue algae along with white tea extract acts as a protective, calming barrier for dry, sensitive skin. Whether you spend time in extreme weather conditions, or simply work and live in dry temperatures or chronically deal with chapped skin, this balm rises to the occasion.

Regenerative Hydrosol

4  o z  B O T T L E

Regenerative Hydrosol is derived from the organic essential oils of rose (rose damascena) and geranium along with gem infused filtered water.  This hydrosol allows your skin to stay hydrated and glowing throughout the day as you can mist your face multiple times in a day.

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