What Order to use your glō products

What Order to use your glō products

Well hello! I sure hope your summer is mixed with fun in the sun, a lil' family, adventures galore and chillin' in the hammock reading that long awaited juicy book. I'm definitely trying to create space for all of the above, while working on another small batch (think lip love) a few collaborations (stay tuned) and batching away.

Many of you have reached out asking how and when to use your glō products. While you can't really go wrong in your glō rituals, I can help you maximize the benefits by using them in the below order.

DRY SKIN: (my daily routine) also rosacea & eczema skin

STEP 1: Wash with Cleansing Oil + Face Polish (evening) 

STEP 2: Follow with Regenerative or Blemish Free Hydrosol

STEP 3: Deep Repair  (SPF 20) all over your face, neck and chest

STEP 4: Eye/Night Oil 2 drops around your eyes (day time use) and all over face at night to replace a night cream

STEP 5: Regenerative Oil (SPF 10) 5-10 drops gently massaged into entire face, neck & chest

OPTION to layer Mask during super dry skin incidents: 

STEP 6: Layer Moisture Mask over Deep Repair and leave on for minimum 20 minutes to over night.



STEP 1: Wash with Cleansing Oil + Face Polish

STEP 2: Spot treat or T zone treat with Detox Mask + Blemish Free Hydrosol (use the BF Hydrosol to activate the mask (enough to form a paste that will spread over skin or dot pesky pimples)

STEP 3: Rinse detox mask after 10-20 minutes and mist entire face with Blemish Free Hydrosol

STEP 4: Deep Repair over entire face, neck & chest (prevent scarring)

STEP 5: Apply 2 drops of Eye/Night Oil on the thin skin around your eyes

STEP 6: Follow with 2-5 drops Blemish Free Oil on face, neck & chest (fights breakouts, calms acne & redness)


Weekly: Moisture Mask applied over angry breakouts or sensitive dryer areas on your face..also great if you accidentally sunburn or windburn your skin! 

SUN PROTECTION: Apply Protect Oil (SPF 20) over Deep Repair  (also SPF 20) and or any of your other oils at any time of the day. Just like over the counter SPF, you must reapply every hour if you are in the sun for extended periods of time. 

If you forget this order of the glo ritual, just remember that the thinner consistency products are great to layer beneath  thicker oils or balms etc.  

I hope this helps and as usual, don't forget that you can always reach out to me with any future questions!