The Secret to Radiant Skin in the Winter (hint: it's not a product)

The Secret to Radiant Skin in the Winter (hint: it's not a product)

Have you ever wondered why your skin just seems dull or pallor during winter months? Let's talk about how to bring back that radiance that seems to glow throughout the summer. Just as the leaves turn and fall to the ground, our sun kissed skin begins to fade. This doesn't have to mean we give in to the dull, pale skin tones of winter. Winter is a time to go inward, to nurture and to find peace in the wonders of nature. In our modern times, winter also brings chaos, hectic schedules and glutinous festivities that leave us feeling bloated, exhausted and not so radiant. Let's change the story!

Here are 5 hacks to maintaining inside out radiance


Just because the temps are cold and potentially damp and the darkness descends on us in the late afternoon; doesn't mean we have to stay indoors. Dress warmly and get outside! A brisk walk, hike or ski encourages our lungs and heart to work a little harder, improving circulation, mood and vibrancy. Ideally, you move outside soon after waking up. This early morning sun exposure helps the body reset its circadian rhythm (24 hour body clock) which improves the sleep wake cycles. All you need is 15 minutes under the morning sun briskly moving (even if you simply march in place or do a few jumping jacks!) to boost mood, metabolism and circulation bringing that glow back. A post dinner walk under the moon is quite magical and allows your blood sugar to balance out while you practice gratitude or prayer as you walk and listen to the world quiet around you.


This is the secret no one ever talks about and the best part? Its free and needless to say, who doesn't love a good spin under the sheets? Here's the deal, orgasms release certain hormones and chemicals in the brain and body that contribute to radiance in the skin and an increase in oxytocin! So whether you have a partner or not, make it a goal to experience more orgasms. Your mood, body and skin will thank you with radiance and when your friends ask you what's going on? How is your skin so gorgeous? You can practice your shock factor and share your skincare secrets! Or simply smile sheepishly and shrug your shoulders.


Non alcoholic and non caffeinated beverages like herbal teas, fresh pressed juices, broths, water and fresh fruits and veggies are uber hydrating to your skin. As we hydrate our bodies, the cells become juicy and in turn our skin plumps up and darkness around the eyes begins to fade. Mineral rich water (think spring water, electrolyte water and adding trace minerals to filtered water) helps rid the  body of excess toxins and hormones, increases blood flow to the skin and contributes to increased skin density and thickness.


Sleep is not only important for brain, immune and hormone health, detoxification, and sanity, it is also a huge contributor to radiant skin. Those dark circles that show up after a long week of stress or partying is largely due to a lack of quality sleep. Uncovering the root of your sleep issues is paramount to achieving a successful night of deep rest. I HIGHLY recommend you see a naturopathic physician to get to the root cause of your sleep issues. I will recommend a few supplements that may help and if they don't, do yourself a favor and spend the time and money to get to the root of your sleep issues; not just for skin but mainly for your longevity and quality of life.

Magnesium: try 400-600mg daily for stress relief and to STAY asleep (for those of you who wake between 2-4am this may help!)

Herbs for sleep support: Passion flower, Kava Kava, Chamomile, Ashwaganda, Blue Lotus

Melatonin: Be careful with this one as its a hormone and can back fire if your body is sufficient in melatonin. Start small with 3mg and see how you feel or sleep.

GABA + L-Theanine can help with anxiety and sleep. 


This may seem cliché but I'd be remiss if I didn't emphasize the importance of finding joy and living accordingly. Modern life has its way of hijacking joy unless you dig deep, go inward and envision your life of joy. Here is an exercise that I found helpful in the past, during a difficult time in life. Grab a journal and try this: Take a few minutes to get quiet, breathe deeply and envision your life filled with joy..Write down what comes to you. Next, begin to envision what steals your joy. Write it down. Close your eyes and go inward. Take a moment to think about how you can eliminate what steals your joy. Some things may seem impossible to eliminate; however you can say no to that volunteer position, party or unnecessary meeting that crosses your path. Setting boundaries that help you create space for joy can be a powerful tool and who knows? maybe people will respect your time and honor your needs! This practice alone can boost your mood and confidence as well as alleviate stress within your body. Joy is a major contributor to radiance from the inside out!

Inside out radiance is more important than topical skin care products. Sounds crazy coming from the owner and maker of a skincare company but y'all know where I stand! Yes, topicals are very important for the skin barrier and integrity of our skin. We must protect, nourish and boost our skin with both internal care and high quality topical ingredients. I've got you covered on both fronts!