Dealing with and healing cystic acne

Dealing with and healing cystic acne

While the glō Blemish Free acne line has been instrumental to many  acne customers and clients, I'd be remiss to not talk about the inside out approach to healing cystic acne. Topical skincare plays an integral role in preventing and calming acne breakouts given its synergistic ingredients. Yet, I truly believe the most successful and longterm approach to cystic acne and inflamed skin must be addressed through diet and lifestyle.

Getting to the root of the breakouts is first and foremost. Asking numerous questions that address diet, hormonal imbalances and lifestyle is where I start in my skin consults. It is imperative for anyone who struggles with systemic acne to see a naturopathic doctor or nutrition consultant to uncover hormonal imbalances and food intolerances or a congested liver. That said, below are a few key points and nutrients to consider while navigating and healing acne.

DIET: Consuming a natural and nutrient dense diet while avoiding processed and fried or sugar laden foods is paramount to keeping the inflammation and congestion down.

Staying hydrated with filtered or well/spring water and herbal teas that support the liver and skin is important. Hydration allows the kidneys and liver to filter toxins out of the body and keeps the skin happy.


Probiotics to support a healthy gut

Minerals for skin barrier strengthening especially: silica, manganese, zinc 

Vitamin D: this hormone and vitamin maintains a strong immune system and skin barrier along with balanced mood (bonus)

Vitamins, A, C & E are especially helpful for acne prone skin.

Vitamin A balances sebum (oil) production, enables skin cell renewal for proper exfoliation and pore health. It also acts as a powerful anti inflammatory agent.

Vitamin C Is a potent antioxidant protecting your skin from free radicals and sun damage or scarring. It aids in cellular renewal and collagen synthesis as well as scar prevention with its ability to inhibit excess melanin production.

Vitamin E offers internal moisturizing properties without clogging pores. The anti inflammatory  agents in Vitamin E help reduce redness. Vitamin E is also imperative for wound healing, which is what makes it so important for preventing scarring and regenerating healthy new skin cells.

DIM (diindolylmethane) is a natural compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. This nutrient has shown great success with hormonal acne because it helps balance estrogen dominance as well as its anti androgenic effects that contribute to excess sebum. DIM is also a powerful anti inflammatory nutrient which can help reduce redness and swelling with new breakouts. I recommend getting the DIM through diet before supplementing.

LIFESTYLE: Have you ever noticed your breakouts often follow stressful events? When we are under excessive stress whether from emotional, physical injuries or dietary intolerances, stress plays a significant role in throwing off our hormones and feeding inflammation. Managing your stress through meditation, light exercise, laughter and saying, "NO" to reduce a full plate will not only help your skin, but also your mental health.

Keeping your cleaning products, laundry detergents, candles and skin care products non toxic and derived from natural ingredients will help your liver and in turn balance your hormones. 

Give yourself some grace and unconditional self love. Acne breakouts can be so hard on the psyche. When these breakouts occur, know that they are merely the skins way of alerting you that something isn't working in your diet or life and needs some love and attention. Rather than slapping the abusive conventional "acne products" on your already angry skin, try telling yourself "I see you. You are beautiful and I will make some changes to support you!" Our skin can either be our biggest cheerleader radiating and showing off all of the love and care you've been giving her...Orrrr she can be our biggest gossiper, giving away your internal secrets of imbalances and inflammation from our excessive lifestyle or wonky hormones. Either way, know that you are not alone. Trust that there are answers and solutions once you take the time and effort to uncover the root cause.

Sending you love and information,

Megan Ulrichs