High Vibration Skincare

High Vibration Skincare


What’s all this talk about High Vibrations you ask? Is it just hippy dippy? Woo Woo? Cliché? Or is it something I need to be aware of? Well, Albert Einstein is the one we can thank for knowing that everything in life is energy, so if everything is energy; everything vibrates at a certain frequency? Hang with me here… there is definitely something to all this “high vibe” talk. I personally am one of those highly sensitive people who can feel energy when I walk into a room or greet a person. This is something I consider a gift. A gift of being present and tuning in to people, situations and the world around me… especially my passion... my work.

I'm no expert on the physics behind frequencies, but given my intuitive nature and how I feel around plants and people, or how music and creating can elevate my own energy, I feel compelled to share what I know from research.

Frequencies are just vibrating objects moving back and forth from its normal stationary position. The number of cycles that a vibrating object completes in one second is called a frequency.

This frequency is measured in the hertz unit (Hz) for example, an A note on a violin measures at 440Hz. Without turning this into a physics lesson, here is a fun example of how frequencies work in nature.  Honey bees buzz around and can be seen hovering above flower blossoms searching for pollen and nectar. Have you ever stopped and watched a honey bee hover over a beautiful flower then quickly buzz over to another blossom and then another where she finally lands? What she’s doing is feeling the vibration of the flower! The blossoms rich with pollen and nectar vibrate at a higher frequency, inviting the pollinators to drop in.  That’s Mother nature working her magic. Each flower, plant, person, object has a frequency that can be measured, and that includes essential oils. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I learned that rose essential oil resonates the highest of ANY PLANT Oil at 320Hz. 

So what does any of this have to do with glō and skincare? When it comes to skincare, it is imperative to tackle challenging skin conditions by aligning ourselves with the healing qualities of nature where frequencies are vibrating at their highest. By using the highest quality  ingredients and products on our skin, the benefits will penetrate on a deep cellular level, resulting in balanced radiant skin. 

I so often hear the following: “I feel so pampered, so uplifted and relaxed after using my glō products” or “my glō ritual has changed my attitude on an otherwise mundane task of washing my face each night”. These sentients are examples of how one feels when their vibration is raised. When you take time to pamper yourself by practicing self care rituals, your vibration is raised and in turn, your attitude is more positive and your mind is calmed. Raising your vibration with glō rituals has been one of my secret missions since day one!


Many of you are aware of my practices in the lab on batch days. How important it is for my space to be orderly, clean and beautiful before I can create formulas, batch or bottle. Its all about the vibe for me! Not only must my space feel good and look beautiful; I too must be clear of any negativity. The music must be just right..and once all is vibing (wink wink), I happily move about formulating, batching and bottling up to 300 bottles in a session. Each and every bottle is blessed as I cap it. The blessing goes like this:

"I infuse you with love and healing energy."

These practices may seem silly to some, but I wholeheartedly believe that my passion for healing botanicals and not-so-secret mission of raising vibrations one person at a time will create a ripple effect in our world. It is my hope that through the glō - Give Love Often - mission, high vibe products and inside out healing, the ripple effect will turn into a Tsunami of love! 


Be well and give love often

- Megan