NEW Honey Mask Small batch release

NEW Honey Mask Small batch release

We are buzzing with excitement over here in glō land! After two years of dreaming up formulas and hard core beekeeping, our hives provided enough honey to spread some extra love this fall. We were able to harvest enough honey for family, friends, products and bee survival for the winter months. What does this mean for you? 

The Moisture Mask now contains our very own raw honey! 

A beautiful new seasonal small batch: Enzymatic Honey Mask will be available November 1st! I am sharing this news with you first so that you may either set your calendar alerts or jump on the website and sign up for texts to unlock 15% off .

What makes this Enzymatic Honey Mask so wonderful you ask?  

Natural retinoic properties come from Passion Fruit Oil (aka Maracuja Oil). This Maracuja oil is from my original sourcing trip to Mexico; and knowing the medicinal qualities of this brilliant fruit, I had to include it in this formula. The beta carotene, vitamin A and C in Passion fruit boosts the cellular turnover and wound healing qualities of this mask. The dried fruit powders come from Oregon, California and of course South America (a future trip indeed is in the works!). Additionally, this Honey Mask formula includes an herbal boost with ground plantain to draw out impurities and offer deeper anti inflammatory compounds.  Horsetail Extract is an effective ingredient added for soft tissue healing at a deep level (think scars, acne, burns). White Tea Extract is added to up level the antioxidants for superior regeneration of healthy and vibrant skin cells. Super berry powders contribute to the increased vitamin counts of A, C and beta carotene for evening skin tone and strengthening elasticity of the skin for firmness. Not only is this Honey Mask powerfully effective in contributing to radiant, even toned skin; it also has medicinal qualities to soothe and heal the skin barrier from rashes and acne prone skin. 

Ive made 75 of these masks and will launch the sale on November 2. Typically we sell out within hours of the release, so set your calendars or sign up for texts so you don't miss out!

Thank you for taking your precious time to read this email and for your continued support of my endeavors through glo!