Protect Oil is our Love Langugae

Protect Oil is our Love Langugae

The sun is finally out and temperatures are rising here in Montana! We have had an influx of requests for a safe an effective sunscreen for the entire body, and after some tweaking of the Protect Formula, I am thrilled to announce the Protect Oil for the Body.

In an effort to make this formula truly protective from the harsh UV rays, I added a vitamin A concentrated oil along with the other beta carotene, vitamin A rich ingredients from Protect Face Oil.

This Protect Body Oil is SPF 25 and offers protection against the damaging effects of UV exposure. While it is highly protective with antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E) from polyphenols (plant chemicals), it is NOT a SUN BLOCK. Sun Blocks require the mineral Zinc to completely block the suns penetration. That said, this SPF oil prevents the damaging effects of sun exposure while allowing the beneficial effects penetrate the skin. Please feel free to read our blog on sun screen for detailed information on sun damage and how to protect the skin both topically and internally.

A little story on the sourcing of ingredients for this beautifully protective, lightly scented body oil. Buriti Oil, which is known to have the HIGHEST count of beta Carotene from vitamin A is a nut that is grown in Peru. I was able to source this bright orange, antioxidant heavy oil from a small farm in Peru. Mark, the grower has invited my husband and I to visit his farm and stay with his family. No doubt, we jumped on this kind invitation and are already planning our visit in 2022! Mark is super passionate about being a steward of the land he works and lives on; and as a result, his organically grown buriti is harvested and pressed directly on the farm. Buriti oil and Copaiba oil are his specialties and both of these healing ingredients are used in the most recent new product release Deep Repair (link this product) and now Protect Body Oil. 

Given the passion and care that Mark puts into his farming and that I put into each and every formula, it is no surprise that our products have been so effective in healing and protecting the skin from life! I am confident that you will fall in love with this new small batch product with its lightness, super mild scent - not quite as earthy as the Protect Oil. This body oil differs lightly from the Protect face oil in that it is designed to be more protective against sun damage, yet not as regenerative (think scar minimizing, cellular rejuvenation). The price is more affordable with the formula being geared towards protection of the skin, rather than regeneration.

We know you will love this product as much as we do. Thank you for believing in our products and seeing the glō vision.

Be well and as always, give love often.