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Makers Series: Silver Linings and Awakening through the Pandemic

Written by Megan ulrichs


Posted on May 19 2020

Is it me or did 2020 seem to start like the grand finale of an Independence Day fireworks show? As promising and big as 2020 started off, I can't say I was entirely comfortable with the bustling, forceful energy that came with it. I had this underlying anxious excitement simmering beneath the hopes of a huge year of growth and opportunity ahead....retreats to lead, Facial workshops, a sourcing trip to Morocco, book signings, collaborations and so much. These plans were both exhilarating and intimidating but I was too busy to check inno  those feelings until March 10th when the world came to an abrupt stop. Meet Covid19 - our new reality - staying home for who knows how long.. we truly have little control. 

After a week of managing the stress of the unknown, health risks, loved ones succumbing to this awful virus, toilet paper (oh ya my husband bought 80 rolls of toilet paper on Amazon... and we are not the prepping type..hello stress buying!) I made enough soups, broths and quiches for a month of survival! In hindsight, I was relieving stress in the kitchen. That was my indicator that I was allowing the toxic news to dominate my thoughts...The news was turned off and only allowed to be read once a day at the most...Faced with so much more time, a few silver linings were uncovered: I allowed myself to dig deep, meditate daily, hike, enjoy an afternoon bath, take more walks with my husband and son (cherished time) and regular check ins...
I googled my soul and found the answers I needed to stay calm and enable growth through the chaos.
The extra time for inner connection brought forth ideas on how to give back - inclusive of a few free nutrition consults, a free Live Facial Workshop, a site wide sale + free shipping. I gained more time and energy to hold space for others and connect with loved ones, friends and colleagues in creative ways. Despite the horrible happenings, I have found peace in seeing the positive (albeit small) shifts in our climate as a result of allowing Mother earth to rest. My meditations went from 10 minutes in bed at the end or beginning of each day to 30 minutes of gratitude mantras and prayers surrounded by chirping birds and a babbling creek.  I have grown more calm and grounded as my business and virtual relationships have continued to grow without the full schedule of meetings, book signings and retreats.
Understanding that my experience may be a rarity, it is not lost on me that many are suffering with immense pain. In the midst of the pain and unprecedented time we are in, it is my hope that we can all learn from Covid19. The buzz and exhilaration that often comes with opportunities and monetary outcomes can also come from within, from connecting to loved ones and nature, from slowing down and getting back to basics.

We (including myself) often come from such a wanting mindset.."I want to grow my business" "I want to buy this house or go on this vacation" "I want to be more successful and impactful"..these are normal and not necessarily bad desires, but when all is stripped away...aren't we enough? Don't we already have enough? We are in this together and we will all come out of this in some way shape or form more awakened and resilient. Let's dig deep together to find that inner knowing, a few silver linings, and just an ounce more strength so that we can grow from this.
No matter how hard this Pandemic has hit us, we can choose to look at it through a positive or negative lens..I invite you to ponder this,
"When our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonders to us. So much depends on how we look at things. The quality of our looking determines what we come to see. "
          John O'Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

xoxo Megan