How the Acne Prevention Line was Born

How the Acne Prevention Line was Born

The Acne Prevention line was developed at a crucial time of raising my teen boys. They were struggling with early teen acne and full blown cystic acne. As holistic minded as I am, my heart strings were splitting with distress from watching my son hide under a hoodie due to persistent break outs. We were close to going down the road of Accutane.

As a last ditch effort, I spent many late nights researching the best herbs and botanicals to treat and cure inflamed skin. The Acne Prevention and Blemish Free formulas I settled on are based on research derived from peer reviewed and published medical papers addressing the efficacy of specific plants as anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal agents.

Each ingredient has a specific job and when these ingredients are combined appropriately in small amounts, they have proven to be efficacious!

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I N G R E D I E N T S :  Montana grown cold pressed organic Camelina oil, Sunflower seed oil, Cranberry seed oil, Sea Buckthorn oil and essential oils of: lavender (Washington grown), Juniper, (Oregon grown) Neroli, Frankincense, Chamomile (Washington grown), Geranium (Washington grown), Melaleuca


"I tried the acne relief oil once and was hooked. My skin has cleared up significantly in the last few months from using this product. I love that it is ethically sourced, high quality, smells and feels great, and ingredients are farm to bottle. My teenager is now using it and has had great results with her skin as well. Thank you for making such a wonderful oil!" 

     - Heather R.


"I went from having multiple drug store, chemical filled, “miracle” claiming skin products in my bathroom (which turned into lots of barely used, plastic packaged items tucked away in the closet).. to just using my glo oils. I don’t even use moisturizer. Such quality, minimal packing (yay for the environment!! Not to mention, they can be reused!), amazing smells... oh yeah, and they get the job done!!!!! My skin feels amazing, it looks better, and I feel like I am actually HELPING it.. not hurting it with products that have ingredients I don’t recognize. I put my glo acne treatment on every pimple, razor burn, cut, scrape, dry skin, burn, etc. that my skin has and it helps it heal quickly! I also would like to add that I love that Megan preaches caring for your skin from the inside first.. and not just pushing a “miracle product”. Take care of yourself, use these babies.. and you will feel and look great! Thank you! <3"




"After the first couple days of using this oil faithfully, I was so bummed because my face was breaking out. I knew it was from the oils because my diet and daily routine hadn't changed. I thought I would stick it out just to see if it would eventually get better or if it just made my face worse. S0--a couple days of a break out lead me to glowy dewy skin. I think it detoxed my skin. My face is very clear now, the texture has changed even though previously it wasn't bad. It has improved. I will forever buy this oil. I love how my skin looks and feels. I also had a broken vein which has been on my forehead since I was 15, so 14 years now, and its size is almost not noticeable now after just 2 weeks of using the oil. I have been obsessed with skincare basically my whole life and none of the other products made the vein disappear. I am thankful I found these oils!!"

     - Ryann

"I was introduced to these products as I was prepping for my wedding. They almost immediately worked at reducing redness and then proceeded to help clear up existing acne, helped prevent scarring, not to mention prevented future breakouts. I truly felt like my skin glowed on my wedding day. Can't say enough about these products."


     - Brittany E.