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Makers Series: On Freedom, Simplicity and an old VW bus

Written by Megan ulrichs


Posted on November 13 2019

Raised by fun loving free spirits in the 70’s, my inner wild child has never left me. We travelled the country in a 1972 red VW bus for 6 weeks at a time as my dad frequently pulled over to allow mom to clip wild flowers off the side of the road so she could place them in her flower book. As our family grew, we graduated to an orange 1976 VW pop top with a kitchen and orange plaid seats! Our travels continued and our road side break downs became part of my childhood memories, as we climbed the seats and hung our fannies off of the side door to pee because why not?!

As life got in the way and our adventures downgraded to weekend campouts ️I played house in that orange van while parked patiently awaiting our next trip..I even figured out how to climb to the roof top with my BOOM BOX and dance like a disco queen on Soul Train! Fast forward to what feels like a lifetime the old blue VW camper you see in my feed is my nostalgic little happy place. After a 20 year hiatus, I finally got a Vdub back into my life! I had to beg a friend for 5 years to sell it to us (patience paid off) and we’ve since created countless memories in it adventuring and sourcing ingredients for YOU! 

I CRAVE #vantrips and am my most relaxed self in my van...We’ve travelled to Big Sur, Zion, Washington, PNW thru Canada and all over MT and I still end each trip In tears. I’ve even been found sitting in the back of my van banging out emails..while in the GARAGE. WHY?

I believe it’s the simplicity...we can have everything we need in one lil’ space and be anywhere we want at the same time.
Memories, simplicity, freedom, nature, closeness, adventure and pure fun....that’s what my old blue VW represents to me! Plus you KNOW how I love all things blue!!