Intentional Valentine + New Small Batch

Intentional Valentine + New Small Batch

Let's push beyond Valentine's day and spread more love to ourselves, loved ones and even those we feel disdain towards. I believe we should celebrate love daily! So I'll use February 14th to catapult us into a love challenge... In honor of Valentines Day, I'd like to present a three part challenge to carry with you far beyond February 14th. It is my hope that you will adopt this as part of your daily ritual/practice. With this challenge, we will create ripples of love that just may turn into a Tsunami of love! 

The ripple effect happens by practicing each part daily as one beautiful practice. 

PART ONE: Love up on yourself!

Practice looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself as warmly and unconditionally as you smile at your pet or child. Tell yourself what you long to hear and know to be true.Maybe even write yourself a love note or journal what you're grateful for in yourself. Try this ritual: Wash your face and gently massage oil into your skin to communicate self love directly into your cells. Science has shown that practicing positive self affirmation and gratitude along with loving self touch has a direct effect on the cells within your body. Turns out the old term, "we are what we think" isn't so woo woo after all! Make this your daily ritual to begin your day with love in your heart and watch people around you shift and soften as they feel your magnetism.

PART TWO: Spread the love

Ok this part is easy...think of a person you love: friend, partner, spouse, family or community member. Think of ALL the reasons you love that person. Smile in gratitude for this person whether he/she is close by or far away. Hold this person in your heart and breathe in the deep love you feel towards them. If you feel moved, send them a love a note, lavish him/her with words of gratitude or a spontaneous smile, hug or kiss. Simply share a few things you love about him/her and watch them soften. Ok maybe your'e creating suspicious looks initially; its ok if you share what you're up to...after a few days or weeks of this you just may notice a softening within this person. Over time, this practice of unconditional love and gratitude towards people can create a ripple effect within your house and or out in your loved ones community....see what Im doing here!? This takes time, so try to be patient and simply practice without expectations.

PART THREE: Love the one you don't!

Admittedly, this may be really hard. Feel free to baby step your way into this one. Choose an individual who you feel triggered by, anger towards, hurt by or just annoyed by. This may be a family member, friend or complete stranger (think: the driver who cut you off and made your blood boil, or the barista with a tude as big as Earth). Take a deep breath. OK here comes the challenge... Pull this person into your open heart and send loving forgiveness or compassion to him/her. Sometimes it helps to remember that everyone has a story and a past. Everyone deserves love. Love heals, softens, opens. As you think positive thoughts and send love to such people, whether they hear you or not; this practice magnates love into your life and heart. 

This may seem cliché to some, but ultimately I believe that life gives us what we ask for. If we go about life living on the defense, ready to pounce or be let down; that is exactly what we magnate. If we shift from heading out into the world defensive and non trusting to open hearted and ready to receive all of the abundance and grace in life, you'd be surprised at what life has in store for you. Personally, when I shifted from living life with (unrealistic) high expectations to pure gratitude, my world opened. This high vibration mind set is palpable and tends to draw in a surprising amount of abundance in love, health and wealth!