Hydrosol or toner

5 ways to use your glō Hydrosols

Some days I wish I had a holster to fit both Hydrosols on my hips…ready for action. I’d walk around misting my face and many others throughout the day…misting away negativity. Boosting moisture and mood etc etc…Many of you keep your Hydrosols on your desk, bathroom counters, in your gym bags, in your cars and purses. This ensures easy access for a quick spritz! If you’re reading this and saying, “whaaaaaat!? How am I missing out on all of this extravagance?” Let me assure you, you may be missing out on some pretty amazing benefits if your Hydrosols are hiding away in your bathroom cabinets. Below are 5 amazing uses for your Hydrosols:

Post Workout Cleanser: wash off that sweat and excess sebum by rinsing your face and misting with Blemish Free Hydrosol. This kills bacteria without stripping your skin barrier. In fact we’ve even heard many parents mist their babies bottoms before putting on a fresh diaper!

Chill Out: Keep your favorite Hydrosol in the fridge or cooler during warm months. This provides a refreshing blast of anti bacterial and a cooling blast of hydration…BUGS hate the smell of both the Blemish Free Hydrosol and the Regenerative Hydrosol! Bonus 

Makeup Set n’ refresh:  Both Hydrosols can also be used to set your makeup so you don’t look caked up! Simply mist your face as soon as you’ve applied your makeup to set it and mid day give yourself a lil’ refresh mist as often as needed.

Mood Booster: Don’t let anyone bring your vibration down! The Regenerative Hydrosol has aromatherapy qualities that can lift you’re spirits and Blemish Free hydro has a calming effect! So you can mist your face and breathe in deeply as you do so…maybe even chase the annoying person out of the room with a few sprays!

Toner: mist your face and neck after cleansing then apply your Deep Repair serum + your favorite oil and finish with another mist of your favorite Hydrosol! 

Our Hydrosols are so versatile and gentle enough to be used multiple times a day. They're even safe for the most sensitive skin with rashes, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. So keep them easily accessible and don’t be shy…your skin will thank you!