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Small Batch Honey Love Mask

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Get ready to fall in love all over again! Bring back that underlying vibrant skin with this therapeutic grade, raw wildflower honey with propolis in tact and organic sun dried super berries. Pure raw honey with propolis in tact, combined with organic sun dried super berries, Passion Fruit Oil and white tea extract make this mask the perfect antidote to irritated acneic or dry and dull skin. Raw honey is active with enzymes, B vitamins, and wound healing compounds. Propolis is a natural germ fighter that balances skin tone, decongests pores while accelerating the rate of cell turnover. The enzymatic effects of this mask will melt away dead skin layers, calm irritation, fight acne, an naturally unclog pores. This mask is loaded with anti-inflammatories, vitamins A, C & E and nourishing fatty acids that literally feed your skin and bring it back to life.

Inspiration for Honey Love: I have been formulating this mask for over a year now, using local raw honey and getting nice results; but not exactly what I was hoping for. While visiting our boys in a small village in Mexico (Valle de Bravo), I was able to source the raw honey. I was blown away by its bloomy aromatic scent, light texture and floral taste. These qualities were unparalleled to ANY honey I've ever experienced. A young woman (the beekeepers daughter at the market explained to me how they raise their bees on land free of chemicals and far from the village. This isolated mountainous land enables the bees to feed on organic nectar at all times, making for superior quality honey. Needless to say, I left with a few jars and got right to work in my glo lab...the final product was so beautiful that I sent my son directly to the beekeeper for a couple more liters of this liquid gold. He had the good fortune of watching the beekeeper scrape the honey off of the comb! The Passion Fruit Oil (aka Maracuja Oil) happened to be in season in Mexico as well; and knowing the medicinal qualities of this brilliant fruit, I had to find its oil. The beta carotene, vitamin A and C in Passion fruit boosts the cellular turnover and wound healing qualities of this mask. The dried fruit powders come from Oregon, California and of course South America (a future trip indeed is in the works!)

Use this mask a few times per week and allow it to sit on your skin anywhere from 5 minutes up to 3 hours. My favorite way to use it is to apply it in the morning for an extra skin boost and rinse it off in the shower, or to linger in a hot bath while performing the honey tapping..Honey tapping is a great way to stimulate lymphatic flow and collagen/elasticity...See Instagram Highlights for how to use/tap @glo_luxury_oils

Each jar has approximately 20--30 uses in it.

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