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glō Luxury Oils

Honey Love Face Mask

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Get ready to fall in love all over again! Bring back that underlying vibrant skin with this seasons therapeutic grade, raw (from our VERY own glō bees) wildflower honey with propolis in tact and organic sun dried super berries from Oregon. rose powder from the glō garden, Mangosteen, Hibiscus, Reishi, Camu Camu and raw honey. These powerful plant ingredients combined with botanically infused Plum, Borage, Argan and Jojoba oils make this mask the perfect mask to heal and soothe sun damaged, acne prone and sensitive skin. Raw honey is active with enzymes, B vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid to promote gentle exfoliation, wound healing and cellular turnover. Propolis is a natural germ fighter that balances skin tone, heals wounds and decongests pores. The enzymatic effects of this mask will melt away dead skin layers, calm irritation, fight acne, and naturally unclog pores. This mask is loaded with anti-inflammatories, vitamins A, C & E and nourishing fatty acids that literally feed your skin and bring it back to life.

Each  4 oz jar has approximately 20+ uses.

Additional Details

Inspiration for Honey Love: This Honey Mask was originally formulated after a trip to a small village in Mexico in 2018. I was able to source the raw honey directly from the beekeeper and his remote farm. the final product was so beautifully healing and received raving feedback from all of my customers. It was the trip to Mexico and this mask that inspired my husband and I to begin a journey of beekeeping to provide healing honey from our very own hives. After 2 years of raising bees, capturing a swarm (see my beekeeping highlight on IG)losing a hive to robbery, we endured and are celebrating a bountiful 2021 harvest...Thanks to our mentors, my husbands bee passion, humane practices and generosity, we were able to source enough raw honey for this fall batch.

Natural retinoic properties come from rose hips. This ingredient was harvested from the glō garden and dehydrated for optimal vitamin retention; and knowing the medicinal qualities of this brilliant fruit, I had to include it in the Honey Love Mask. The beta carotene, vitamin A and C in rose hips boost the cellular turnover and wound healing qualities of this mask. The dried fruit powders come from Oregon, California and of course South America (a future trip indeed is in the works!). Additionally, this Honey Mask formula includes an herbal boost with dried plantain to draw out impurities and offer deeper anti inflammatory compounds. Lastly the ever powerful Horsetail Extract is an effective ingredient for soft tissue healing at a deep level (think scars, acne, burns). Nettle was added for minerals and anti inflammatory qualities. White Tea Extract is added to uplevel the antioxidants for superior regeneration of healthy and vibrant skin cells. Super berry powders contribute to the increased vitamin counts of A, C and beta carotene for evening skin tone and strengthening elasticity of the skin for firmness.


Raw Honey, Organic Dried Raspberry powder, Camu Camu, Reishi, Mangosteen, Hibiscus, Rose, Blend of Argan, Plum, Jojoba, Borage, Sunflower seed oils infused with Chamomile, Rose, Nettle, Horsetail grown and harvested from the glō gardens.


Apply enough Honey mask to cover your entire face and neck. allow to sit for 5-20 minutes. While mask is working its magic, feel free to honey tap your cheeks and forehead. Honey tapping brings circulation to the skin barrier and enhances collagen and elasticity. How to honey tap: Place fingers against cheeks and forehead and in swift motions, pull your fingers away and repeat. Your entire finger should be in contact with the skin so that as you pull away, the skin will also pull away and bounce back. DO this for 1-2 minutes and enjoy the satisfying feeling of sticking to your skin and pulling away. Rinse mask with warm water in shower, bath or over the sink with a warm wet wash cloth. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how radiant and beautiful you truly are!


    Ethically Sourced

    Each ingredient is sourced directly from growers who support fair wages or fair trade.


    All ingredients are either certified organic, or from farms who grow with organic practices as stewards of the land.


    All of our product packaging is recyclable, and our shipping materials are made out of recycled materials, reusable, and compostable.