Small Batch~ Rose Geranium Body Oil

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This is such a luxurious batch of body oil that is truly Farm to Skin. On a recent trip to Washington, I visited a small farm called Evening Light Lavender Farm which allowed me to source directly from Sandra, the grower and distiller. Sandra is so passionate about growing lavender, roe geranium, yarrow, and so many more plants for the sake of healing and sharing the beauty of God's country and mother earth. Wondering if the oil is organic? Yes, Sandra went through the arduous and tedious process of USDA certified Organic growing practices. She not only grows her plants organically, but she distills them into essential oils and true hydrosols in a way that preserves the healing qualities of the plants as well. The small amount sourced enabled me to create a beautiful batch of 50 luxurious body oils! The base oil is Camelina Oil from a small grower in Montana (Biomega3) named Bill. Camelina oil is soon to surpass fish oil in its omega 3 fame. It is grown and cold pressed here in Montana preserving its high vitamin E and Omega 3 content and is known for its anti inflammatory properties which protect the skin and body from sun damage, help to regenerate new healthy skin cells and calm dry irritated skin. 

The scent and healing qualities from Rose Geranium Essential oil is tantalizing and almost intoxicating! If you have enjoyed the Regenerative Hydrosol, you will LOVE this Luxurious Body Oil! Slather your entire body with the same scent! The Rose Geranium Essential oil comes from a beautiful organic farm in Washington state: Evening Light Lavender Farm. I am very excited to visit the farm in June on our next Farm to Skin tour! Rose Geranium essential oil is known to boost elastin and collagen in the skin, regenerate new and healthy skin cells and aromatically boost the mood!

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Organic Ingredients: Camelina Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil Size: 4oz



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