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During intense times, I want to support you with a hydrosol I formulated to gently remind you that YOU are PROTECTED and You've GOT THIS! 

Unleash your inner warrior with the power of botanicals and harness the energy of crystals with I AM PROTECTED HYDROSOL, a remarkable spiritual protection mist. Crafted with love and infused with the potent combination of clear quartz crystal, yarrow, marigold, linden, and bergamot, this intentional blend offers a holistic approach to safeguarding your spiritual well-being. You can safely mist your face or body while repeating your own mantra or something like this, " I am protected from all negativity and abundant in courage and positive energy"


It works on multiple levels to protect you from unwanted energies and low vibrations:

1. Aura Cleansing: Spritzing I AM PROTECTED on or around yourself~ or in your environment helps cleanse stagnant or negative energies that may be affecting your well-being.

2. Energy Amplification: The clear quartz crystal amplifies positive vibrations present in its surroundings while neutralizing any harmful influences that may disrupt harmony within yourself or your space.

3. Emotional Balance: The carefully selected botanicals in this hydrosol help restore emotional equilibrium by calming anxiety, reducing stress, and promoting a sense of inner peace.

4. Spiritual Shielding: I AM PROTECTED forms an invisible shield around you, acting as a protective barrier against negative energies, and external influences that may drain your energy.

5. This hydrosol will help transition your skin from summer to fall with its calming and regenerating qualities, so you can glō into the busy new season ahead.

Experience the Magic of I AM PROTECTED

This is not only a skin nourishing hydrosol; it's a transformative experience that nurtures your spirit and protects your energy. Incorporate it into your daily routine to:

- Create a sacred space for meditation or spiritual practices
- Refresh and heal your skin from sun, booze and lack of sleep!
- Boost confidence and self-assurance in challenging situations
- Promote restful sleep by clearing negative energies from your bedroom
- Elevate the overall positive atmosphere around you

 May this enchanting blend of clear quartz crystal, yarrow, marigold, linden, and bergamot empower you on your journey of radiant skin, spiritual and emotional health.


The ingredients used were very thoroughly researched and chosen specifically for blocking negativity and maintaining a high vibration.

1. Clear Quartz Crystal: At the heart of this hydrosol lies the mighty clear quartz crystal. Revered for centuries as a master healer and amplifier of energy, this crystal acts as a powerful conduit for enhancing your spiritual protection.

2. Yarrow: Known for its protective properties across many cultures, yarrow adds an extra layer of defense against negative energies while promoting balance and self confidence within. Yarrow for the skin is calming and protective against UV rays and a damaged skin barrier.

3. Marigold: With its vibrant golden petals symbolizing light and positivity, she helps shield you from darkness while uplifting your spirit and instilling safety from within. The skin benefits from its vitamin A & C and soothing qualities.

4. Linden: The gentle yet potent essence of linden flowers brings tranquility to your space by creating an energetic barrier against negativity while promoting relaxation and inner peace. Linden helps soften fine lines and repair sun damage deep within the skin cells.

5. Bergamot: Renowned for its uplifting aroma that soothes both mind and body, bergamot enhances positive energy flow while providing emotional support during challenging times. Bergamot for the skin is renowned for its toning qualities.


Mist your face and surroundings as you smile and breathe deeply. Recite your own mantra or try the following:

"I am protected from negativity and stand strong in my courage"

" A strong back and soft hear leads me with courage and love. I AM PROTECTED"


    Ethically Sourced

    Each ingredient is sourced directly from growers who support fair wages or fair trade.


    All ingredients are either certified organic, or from farms who grow with organic practices as stewards of the land.


    All of our product packaging is recyclable, and our shipping materials are made out of recycled materials, reusable, and compostable.