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Gua Sha Stone Black Obsidian Ridge

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Gua Sha Stones have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. This ingenious skin care tool delivers healthy, radiant skin after only one minute of use. Its easy, inexpensive and combines well with your existing glō regime for a restorative, detoxifying and plumping effect on the skin.

This Obsidian stone with ridges on one side is shaped and used to gently glide across the face in an effort to boost lymphatic drainage and reduce water retention and congestion that leads to dull and puffy skin. The ridges act like an eraser when used perpendicular to life lines formed on the skin. An example is the lines formed between your  eyebrows due to certain expressions. By using your favorite glō Luxury Oil first, the stone can then be used to stimulate lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation as well as bring blood flow to the surface leaving you with a healthy glow. Proper use of Gua Sha stones encourages circulation under the skin bringing nutrients and boosting collagen and elastin to the area.

Additional Information

A note on stress and aging: No matter what, when we are stressed the body takes circulation away from the skin to put it into the muscles. This ages the skin as long as we are stressed, our skin will show it by the reduced circulation. Gua Sha increases circulation by 400% thus bringing blood flow back up to the skin naturally. Combine yoga, meditation and self care with Gua Sha and watch your skin come back to life!

A Note on Skin Detoxification: It is not abnormal for the skin to break out initially after the first 1-3 Gua Sha treatments, as it invokes detoxification of the skin which is actually a positive response in the long run.


Gua Sha (press stroke) First apply your favorite glō oil generously to clean skin. Hold the stone gently with the rounded edge pressed against your skin. Begin at the mouth and stroke upward towards your ear. Repeat 5 times on each side. Then move to your forehead between the brows and stroke up toward your scalp. Repeat this movement 5 times moving out to the end of your brows so that the entire forehead is stroked. Move down to the jaw line and with the two point end placed along the jaw bone, gently stroke from your chin along the jaw line towards your ear and repeat 5-10 times on each side.

Finally move to the neck area. Begin below your earlobe (many lymph glands reside here) and stroke downward to the base of your neck. This movement also helps boot the immune system! Repeat gliding movement 5-10 times on each side. Lastly move to below your chin with the end of the tool that naturally fits over your "Adams Apple". Glide the tool gently from the bottom of your chin to the base of your neck 5-10 times.

Feel free to visit my highlights on Instagram @glo_luxury_oils for a tutorial on Gua Sha



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