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Blemish Free Oil + Eye & Night Repair

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Purchase these two oils together and save! Used together, these oils work synergistically in helping to regenerate collagen and cellular growth for a smooth, even complexion. Using the Eye Repair nightly rejuvenates dry skin and heals acne and scarring while you sleep. A daily dose of glo Acne Treatment provides the vitamins and phyto nutrients your skin needs to stay supple and even toned.

This set typically lasts 6 months if using each product once per day. Some customers make it last even longer! 

I N S T R U C T I O N S   F O R   U S E :  Just a few drops goes a long way! Simply use 2-3 drops and massage into face and décolletage. It only takes one drop of the Eye Repair Treatment. Gently dab into skin below the brows and around the smile lines. Avoid getting too close to eyes.

N O T E :  Because the base oils are as close to the natural human skin sebum, these oils absorb into the skin beautifully without clogging pores.

S E E   I N D I V I D U A L   P R O D U C T S  for detailed descriptions and ingredients.

W H A T   P E O P L E   A R E   S A Y I N G

“Living in a dry climate is tough on my skin. This is the first product that actually leaves my skin moist and supple for an entire day. I use it before bed as well and wake up dewy. Thank you for creating a natural product that works and actually smells good!" — Carol, 62

"I used to skip from product to product when it came to skin care. Not anymore, I have bought 3 rounds and plan on using glo from now on. It works wonders on my rosacea and leaves my skin juicy. I am hooked." —Kristin, 47

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