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Deep Repair Oil (1 oz)

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This exclusive formula is designed to truly heal skin that has been exposed to the elements or suffers from eczema, acne, scarring and deep lines. Deep Repair has you covered.

suitable for all skin types with its high counts of polyphenols and low comedogenic ratings.

Deep Repair's anti inflammatory compounds prevent and ease redness and sensitivities of rashes, acne, recently closed wounds as well as sun or windburned skin.

The combination of wound healing and reparative ingredients in this formula create multi faceted and powerfully effective results.

I originally formulated this product for my husband to repair and rebuild his damaged skin due to a topical chemo treatment (he was given this topical cream to nip actinic keratosis in the bud). This aggressive chemo treatment left his skin raw and scabbed over. Fortuitously, I had been researching (for months) several ingredients specifically designed to heal soft tissue.

After having researched so many incredible ingredients, I knew I had to formulate a product that would help my husband and countless others experience deep repair. 

Whether you're looking for a Retinol alternative, softening sun damaged skin or in need of Deep Repair, we've got you covered.

Pro Tips

Apply frequently to lips and follow with Face Balm for soft lips

Apply around the eyes twice daily to nourish and soften fine lines

Apply to entire face both morning and evening for optimal benefits and reduction of hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Apply over breakouts to calm & combat acne

Use on entire face post esthetic procedures to speed cell turnover and calm redness.


Ingredients: Buriti Oil, Kakadu Plum Seed Oil, Perilla Seed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Arnica, Calendula, Plantain, White Tea Extract, Copaiba Oil, Bukachiol Oil, Maracuja (Passion fruit) seed Oil, Green Coffee Bean Oil, SOD derived from enzymes of Grapefruit and Aloe vera

Buriti Fruit Oil (Cold pressed and sourced from a small community in Peru): Buriti is known to contain the highest count of all plants in vitamin A (beta carotene) making it superior to all oils for protection against sun damage. Rich in vitamin C for repairing and rebuilding healthy new skin cells, Buriti oil is naturally high in preservatives making it less vulnerable to rancidity. The fatty acid profile in Buriti oil plays an integral role in strengthening elasticity as well as protecting the membranes surrounding skin cells. Lastly, this powerful oil is effective in lightening dark spots caused by sun exposure as well as minimizing scar tissue.

Kakadu Plum Seed Oil (cold pressed) (sourced from Australia): This seed oil has an extremely rare and high antioxidant profile and therefore is effective in reducing dark spots from sun exposure as well as detoxifying the skin from environmental exposures and sun damage. It has the HIGHEST vitamin C concentration of any single natural plant source in the world! (It is 75 times the concentration found in oranges) Vitamin C plays an important role in stimulating collagen, reducing fine lines, scars and hyper pigmentation. A little known phytochemical (plant chemical compound) called gallic and ellagic acid are powerful anti fungal and antibacterial agents to protect the skin from acne and rashes.

Perilla Seed Oil (a member of the mint family): Highly effective as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent to fight acne, bacterial rashes and soothe problematic skin. Perilla oil is also high in n-3 linolenic and Omega 3 fatty acids to soothe angry rashes, acne breakouts and minimize scarring. The plant compounds in this oil play a role in maintaining the skin barrier to protect against water loss, keeping it moist and supple.

Copaiba Oil (harvested from a small community in Peru): High in anti inflammatory, pain relieving, antimicrobial compounds. The addition of this oil to the formula helps boost the healing qualities of the main carrier oils mentioned above. Copaiba is renowned for its ability to decrease pain and increase tightening of skin elasticity. The plant compounds are also highly effective at smoothing out scars and fine lines, not just fading the appearance. This is also the secret weapon in this formula for relieving irritated skin (including bug bites!). Basically, this is the ingredients that amps up the healing process of damaged skin tissues.

Plantain Leaf: Plaintain is known for its wound healing abilities thanks to the compound known as Allantoin. Its anti inflammatory, anti irritant, antibacterial making it an optimal ingredient for soothing skin irritations, and speeding up cellular turnover & healing wounds and blemishes. Its cooling effects, help to calm angry rashes and acne spots by reducing the inflammation.

Borage Oil: Borage is highly valued because of its rich amounts of gamma -Linolenic Acid (GLA) this ingredient is anti inflammatory and protective to the skin barrier. Borage oil gently soothes problematic sensitive skin (Including eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis) by strengthening the skin barrier to lock in moisture and allow for self repair.

Arnica (A. Montana): This herb is renowned for its ability to reduce swelling and bruising. Arnica works effectively by increasing white blood cell activity and blood flow/circulation to speed healing. Used topically, Arnica is effective at reducing bruising, calming inflamed skin from insect bites, rashes, rosacea and eczema. This ingredient makes Deep Repair optimal for treating the skin after any facial trauma whether from Microdermabrasion, laser treatments, sun burn, bruising etc., as it speeds healing and cell turnover.

Green Coffee Bean Oil : (Organic and cold pressed) is merely a coffee bean that has not been roasted or processed, resulting in a grassy green scent and superior nutrients. This cold pressed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E along with the antioxidant Chlorogenic acid which strengthens elasticity and collagen thus improving the texture and tone of skin.

Maracuja Oil (Passion fruit): Another ingredient cherished for its high amounts of vitamin A and C to enable fast cellular turnover and SPF protection. This nourishing oil enables the skin to repair and build healthy new skin cells to tone and smooth sun damaged, dry skin.

Bukachiol Oil: More powerful than Retinol without the side effects, this plant oil improves hyperpigmentation, skin texture/firmness, redness, acne and fine lines. The plant constituents function similarly to Retinol in regards to its gene expressions, without the harsh side effects. Studies have shown that Bukachiol oil stimulates type III collagen much like Retinol which supports the skin in firmness and even tone.

White Tea Extract: White Tea extract has powerful polyphenols to correct sun damaged cells and protect from air pollution.


Roll product over clean skin. Use as a booster serum before applying your favorite glō oil.


    Ethically Sourced

    Each ingredient is sourced directly from growers who support fair wages or fair trade.


    All ingredients are either certified organic, or from farms who grow with organic practices as stewards of the land.


    All of our product packaging is recyclable, and our shipping materials are made out of recycled materials, reusable, and compostable.