Fall 2020 Small Batch: HONEY!

Fall 2020 Small Batch: HONEY!

Can I let you in on a little secret!? My favorite thing to do on cozy rainy or cold days is research and create new formulas. It's the inner nerd that benefits us all, right? Last year I spent hours researching and developing the Enzymatic Honey Love Mask.. Alas, it was born thanks to a trip to Valle de Bravo, Mexico. This year, I've been busy researching a couple of other formulas for you, but more on that later..

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews and demands for another batch of Honey Love, I was inspired and motivated to create a beautifully healing and effective Honey Love Mask from our very own Bees! Now I know this may seem over the top... raising bees to make products, but given my passion for all things living and healing; my husband and just I couldn't resist the challenge. Scott (the hubs) deserves all the credit for the bee keeping work, and I enjoyed being his assistant (aka honey taster, note taker, observer)

While the bees thrived and busily made work of pollinating (my garden was explosive!!) building their hives and storing honey and  propolis, we had hopes for a small honey harvest.

After a final hive check in September, we decided to leave the small amount of honey for our bees to survive our frigid Montana winter.

Our good friends Lisa and Matt of Bee the Good Now  (seriously check them out and see how you can score a free jar of raw honey.. just for doing a good deed!) mentored us and assured us that the second year of bee keeping is more plentiful with honey to spare. Naturally, I ended up sourcing the raw honey from Lisa and Matt for this beautifully healing batch of Honey Love Masks and believe me, it is quite magical.

This seasons Enzymatic Honey Love Mask is chock full of vitamins A, C & E with Organic Black Raspberry powder from a small organic farm in Oregon and herbs of Plantain and Horsetail extract to draw out impurities and boost cellular turnover. The enzymatic activity gently melts away dead skin cells to plump dull, sun damaged skin, heal acne break outs and soften scarring. Head over to the Honey Love Mask page for ALL the juicy details and full ingredients list. I only made 45 of these babies and saved a few for my dedicated subscribers - thank you!

As for what to look forward to in the coming months, my research has lead me to developing a few new products per your requests. One of which is a spot treatment for acne/blemishes designed to zap and calm zits. Secondly, you can look forward to soothing that sensitive, thin and often dry skin around the eyes with a calming and rejuvenating oil administered by a cooling ball roller. I am currently in the final stages of product testing and tweaking. Look for these new small batch products in the new year!