AMPED UP Healthy Hot Coco

AMPED UP Healthy Hot Coco

Its that time of year again, hot coco season! I don't know about you but I will never grow out of a cozy mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and a dust of cinnamon or better yet more chocolate to lick off the top. What child doesn't beg for hot coco in the winter and holiday season?

hot chocolateUnfortunately not all of us can enjoy that cozy mug of happiness due to an internal disagreement that leaves us with an upset stomach, hyper activity or even brain fog. This internal disagreement aka food intolerance should NOT stop anyone from enjoying the beloved winter treat! Maybe you as a parent avoid giving your children hot coco due to the copious amounts of sugar that amps them up more than you ever thought possible? These are valid reasons to forgo such a heavenly concoction of liquid joy.  Forgo no more…I have been tweaking traditional holiday recipes for years in an effort to maintain the joys of indulging without the negative consequences. As a holistic nutrition consultant, I have decided that it is not my job to take the fun out of eating, rather to enlighten my clients on a “new way” of imbibing. If certain foods make you feel awful, why keep consuming them when they compromise your health and energy? Who has time to feel lethargic, slowed down and achy in life?
Feel good about sipping this drink as it is loaded with anti-oxidants, healthy fats and is low in sugar. Substituting sweetened coco powder for unsweetened coco or better yet raw cacao powder will amp up the nutrition without messing with the flavor.
Raw Cacao powder is considered a super food due to the high amounts of polyphenols (plant nutrients) called flavonoids with antioxidant properties. Minerals such as magnesium (for calm energy, sleep, and constipation relief), calcium, zinc and iron are what contribute to this super powerful cacao powder. It is a great source of the healthy fat, oleic acid, and mono-unsaturated fat that is great for you skin, heart and brain. Add coconut milk to the powerful cacao powder and it gets even better! Coconut milk and the fat that it contains is excellent for providing more healthy fats, anti-microbial protection as well as sustained energy. The low glycemic effects of this coco recipe will leave you feeling satiated, without the sugar buzz that inevitably leaves you crashing an hour later.

Amped Up Hot Coco:


Nutritional Benefits:

1 Tbsp Raw Cacao Powder This raw superfood contains an impressive amount of antioxidants that have not been destroyed from chemical processing and roasting
8 oz coconut milk Composed of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT's) - a quick and efficient source of BRAIN food

1-5 drops liquid Stevia

A sweetener alternative that does NOT spike blood sugar or causes inflammation

1 tsp Organic butter OR coconut oil

Fat is necessary for nutrient absorption

Pinch of cinnamon

Contains amazing anti-inflammatory properties

Pinch coriander & sea salt (optional)

For a sweet & salty touch :)



Heat coconut milk and butter to desired temperature

Add remaining ingredients and blend in a blender for 30 seconds.

The blender makes this coco more decadent as it whips it into a creamy and fluffy consistency!

Cozy up with a book by the fire place and enjoy!