Age is Irrevelant

Age is Irrevelant

“Women grow radical with age.  One day an army of gray haired women may quietly take over the earth.”

Gloria Steinem

glo luxury oils on aging
Our fearless founder & leader, Megan Ulrichs.


As a female owned and operated, organic skincare company, we are no longer succumbing to “younger looking skin” marketing campaigns.   We are so over products promising to “erase wrinkles!” and boast “tighter looking skin!”.  We’ve accepted that there is no turning back the clocks of life and we can’t help but wonder… what is so bad about the effects of aging anyways? 

Behind every facial crease is a lesson learned, a hint of knowledge, a taste of wisdom.  Those smile lines are engraved from years of joy filled moments and those crows feet are well earned from all of the rad adventures you embarked on… and what about those lines between the brows? Those lines are precisely etched from squinting into the sun setting over the horizon or worrying about our loved ones!

These are all just life lines.

With age comes change, and with change comes growth of knowledge and wisdom.  To wish your wrinkles away is to wish away lessons learned and the peaks and valleys of life’s journey.

Sure we can pamper and soften our skin with oils, but ultimately it is about accepting who we are as beautiful souls living a beautiful and messy life to the fullest. Let us not succumb to society's false expectations of women and aging!

Aging is the privilege that some do not get, so why not honor it?

Now you may be confused why a skincare company would encourage you to embrace crows feet and smile lines rather than convince you that we will magically erase them. While glō Luxury Oils may soften lines and even skin tones, let us explain what we truly represent:

Our goal at glō Luxury Oils is to stray from the pack of synthetic, animal tested, and unsustainable skincare products by providing nourishing oils that do not compromise health, safety, quality or sustainability.

So rather than working feverishly to halt or even reverse the physical affects that time has on us, lets embrace the changes, respect the beautiful privilege of aging, and enjoy the wild ride!