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5 Foods for Glō-ing Skin


When Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" he may as well have been referring to skincare.  What we feed our skin from the inside is as important as what products we feed our skin from the outside.

These 5 natural foods are not only packed with skin-friendly nutrients - they are delicious and easy to add into your everyday diet so you too can glō skinside out.

1. Green Tea/Matcha:

 The protective polyphenols in green tea ECGC act as natural sun screen from the inside out. These plant nutrients are powerful protectors from free radical damage and inflammation. The high vitamin A and C in green tea also supports collagen growth and scar prevention.  We love Harney & Sons Matcha!

2. Pomegranate and Cranberries

These superfoods are rich in minerals, vitamin C, resveratol and carotenoids to internally protect the skin from free radical and sun damage. The unique profile of antioxidants in pomegranate and cranberries, including gallic and ellagic acid help ward off skin cancer, the visible effects of photoaging and even relieve sunburn symptoms. The oil derived from pomegranate seeds is highly beneficial for topical use with its naturally occurring SPF 15 level.  These unique fruits are in season fall and winter, so you don't need to wait until spring to find them fresh!

3. Aloe Vera

Used externally it can relieve sun burned or frost bitten skin with its anti inflammatory and anti microbial qualities.  Aloe gel is soothing to skin and helps regenerate new skin cells when used topically.  Adding food grade aloe or the gel from an aloe leaf (caution if you have a latex allergy - avoid the flesh and only consume the gel within the leaf) to your diet is soothing to the intestines and helpful with eczema and rosacea symptoms.  Keep an aloe plant in your bathroom for easy access.

4. Fresh Herbs

Rich in chlorophyll, vitamin A, C, K: parsley, cilantro, basil, mint, thyme, oregano, and other herbs are packed with polyphenols which help to cleanse the blood, kidneys and liver. These polyphenols also fight free radicals from environmental exposure and poor food choices. Add these fresh herbs to salads, green juices, water and most meals.  A home grown herb garden is a simple and fun addition to your kitchen windowsill!
herbal tea

5. Dark Chocolate

Yes, you read that right! Rich in antioxidants, good quality (70%+ cacao) dark chocolate can help your skin retain moisture and internally protect the skin from sun damage with polyphenols like flavanol.  Keep your intake to 1 ounce per day.. my favorite brand? Lilly’s Salted dark chocolate bar is made with stevia instead of sugar.
dark chocolate