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Love Your Face Mask

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Introducing the most soothing, gentle face mask designed to clean, hydrate and rejuvenate tired, irritable skin. Rose (Kaolinite) clay is abundant in minerals and gets its red hue from naturally occurring iron oxides. It is the most suitable clay for sensitive, dry, rosacea and even acne prone skin. The minerals draw out impurities without leaving your skin dry or aggravated. Pearl Powder is added to speed skin cell turnover. Pearl powder, the ancient Eastern beauty remedy is derived from fresh water Mother of Pearl and is known for the naturally occurring Nacre which speeds wound healing and cellular regeneration. Vitamin B5 supports the skin barrier  while Bromelain (enzyme from pineapple) gently dissolves dull dry skin layers. HibiscusRose Petals and Rose Damascena oil add vitamin C to repair skin cells and encourage collagen & elasticity. Jojoba and Moringa Oils offer the ceramides to plump the skin while simultaneously calming irritations. This rejuvenating mask is incredibly rich in antioxidants to repair dull, dry skin. 

Even the most sensitive skin can experience this mask and its revealing benefits. Allow your true glow to radiate out after weekly or bi weekly use of this gentle and rejuvenating face mask.

2 oz

I n g r e d i e n t s: Rose Kaolinite clay, jojoba oil, Moringa Oil, Sunflower seed oil, Pearl powder, Rose petals, Hibiscus, Vitamin B5, Bromelain enzyme, essential oils of Rose Damascena, Jasmine, Sweet orange, rose geranium

I n s t r u c t i o n s:  Apply a thin layer (approx 1/2  to 1 Tbls)  to face, neck and décolletage using your mask brush. Allow to sit for 10-30 minutes. Gently remove by rinsing face with warm water.

C A U T I O N: This red clay can stain. Use a dark wash cloth or rinse over sink/shower to avoid leaving a dull orange stain on light colored cloths. 

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