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glō Luxury Oils

Sanitizer Set

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Keep your sanity in these uncertain times with this natural hand, surface and air sanitizer. This  formula has been my personal go to sanitizer for years. I use it to wipe away germs and bacteria from hands, air or sketchy surfaces. It goes with me everywhere which is why it comes in a 2 pack! 

This sanitizer is the perfect size for your purse, back pack, coat pocket or car. It can be whipped out in a flash after signing those germ heavy credit card screens, using public pens or restrooms, wiping down airplane seats and head rests..I've even been known to whip it out while sitting at a stop light to wipe down my steering wheel or car door handles. None of these precautions are over kill during flu season or  world wide pandemic virus spreads. The glō Sanitizer is designed to be used the same way you would use any hand or surface sanitizer AND it's all in one due to the safe ingredients. I highly recommend avoiding over the counter hand sanitizers due to the harsh chemicals absorbing directly into your blood stream. The ingredients used in the glō Sanitizer are specifically used for their anti bacterial, anti viral compounds. This particular blend has kept me and my family from getting any major flu or viruses over the years ~I hope you like it! 

Play it safe. Stay sane. Stay protected.

2x 2oz spray bottles

INGREDIENTS: Organic steam distilled Aloe water, Proprietary blend of Organic essential oils: lemongrass, juniper, rosemary, clove, cinnamon, lemon, lavender, oregano, bergamot, cedar wood 

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