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Makers Series: On Love

Written by Megan ulrichs


Posted on February 11 2020


I must admit, I feel so incredibly grateful to say I’ve been happily married for 25 years to my best friend. We’ve been asked numerous times how we keep it fresh and as I sit here sipping wine next to this incredible guy I get to call my husband, we’ve come up with some tips n' tricks that have kept our relationship thriving:

  1. It’s okay to admit you F’d up and apologize.
  2. Make time to do things that you both loved doing together while dating... we call it boyfriend/girlfriend time. It keeps that dating life alive!
  3. Give each other space to grow and show support when the other is in his/her growth spurt.
  4. Go on frequent getaways just the 2 of you and take turns choosing the adventures!
  5. If he/she is annoying you, take a deep breath and quietly remember all the things you love about him/her.
  6. Figure out each other’s love languages (read the book 5 languages of love). 
  7. Figure out your spouses Enneagram or Meyers Brigg personality’s a game changer in truly understanding how he/she ticks & views the world.
  8. Speak your truth & needs in a compassionate way and listen with your heart *ahem* lose the defensiveness
  9. Remember... you’re never too old to hold hands!

Xoxo Megan



  • Thank you Megan! It’s great to have these tips to reflect on for Valentines and every day. Marriage isn’t always easy, but doing the work to keep
    it fresh, is critical.

    Posted by Beth Parker | February 14, 2020
  • Your list is just perfect! Congratulations on marrying your soul mate and 25 years. I’m right there too and am thankful everyday.

    Posted by Shannon Roberts | February 13, 2020
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